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About Us

Finding Your Purpose, Incorporating Your Faith

Agape, a Non-Profit Organization was established in 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. We are dedicated to making a difference through our organization, Agape – Finding Your Purpose, Incorporating Your Faith. Our core purpose and mission revolve around providing essential support to homeless individuals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We strive to offer nourishment, clothing, shelter, and a sense of community to those in need. Our ultimate aspiration is to combat homelessness on a global scale, working towards its complete eradication.

About Agape Non-Profit in Philadelphia

The Inspiration

Loraine Byrd Fields-Latham, affectionately known as Smiley, played a significant role in shaping the understanding of Agape for her grandchildren.

She described Agape as the pure, kind, and unconditional love that God has for humanity, as outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Following Smiley's passing, Agape became a driving force in their life. 


The mission of Agape is simple: to collect donated clothing, particularly coats and socks, provide fresh food, and engage in meaningful conversations with those who are often overlooked and judged. Smiley instilled the belief that the only time one should look down on another is when extending a helping hand. This belief ignited a deep passion within them to support the homeless population. 


Their mother, Narda, Smiley's daughter, reinforced these teachings and emphasized that anyone could find themselves homeless with a single paycheck or decision. Thus, it is vital to extend assistance and give back. Prior to the birth of Agape, they dedicated their time to volunteering with an admirable organization called We Feed the Homeless Philly!

Board of Directors

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Thank You!

Thank you, ALL who have donated from your closets and pantries. Thank you, Lynn, for organizing countless clothing drives from the Downingtown Area Senior Center.


Thank you, Abby Anderson, the Founder and President of Salvations of Sorrows Inc., for including us in your haircut event!

Salvations of Sorrows can be found here:

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